How Are We Different:

 Our silk fabrics are being sourced from one exotic country called Laos (in South East Asia), where Kerry is originally from. 

After living and traveling around for more than half of her lifetime, she realized the beauty of her culture. Silk is considered as one of Laotian's treasures  - it is classy, stunning and luxurious.  It holds such symbolic of the country's origin and portrays 'simplicity'.

We handpicked high quality fabrics/ textiles personally. We express our passion in designing and making these tiny clothes stylish, very comfortable & suitable to wear for every occasion.

Kerry has always dreamt to share the beauty of Lao silk, as they're elegant and known to be one-of-a-kind to find. It has been such an honour to have an opportunity to introduce these beautiful handcraft, natural dye & ethically made products to the rest of world, in small sizes! :)

Natural dye:
The dyes are created in many different ways: by boiling, fermenting and pounding the ingredient.

 It is a labor intensive process that requires detailed knowledge, experience and a diverse range of resources. Throughout the ages, yarns and textiles have been colored using plants and other ingredients from nature.

Organic Cotton: 

If you're looking for something that is very soft & gentle on the sensitive skin for a new born, please check out our Organic Cotton range.

Our organic cottons are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

It is the leading world standard for organic fiber, stringent quality control, ensuring regulated standard and monitoring the entire process of making is safe. 

We cannot emphasize enough how much thought, care and attention to details goes into every item we make at Kerry & Mase. We hope you'll love your purchase as much as we do!


Kerry & Mase